sometimes it’s the small things

I played a good, hard game of football today, and it was fantastic.

Now, laying on my bed, I feel helpless and hurt, broken and battered. I want to sleep but I don’t feel like I deserve it somehow. I remember all I’ve failed to do today, and I think of how it’ll only get worse tomorrow.

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“Hope is the thing with feathers…”

It is curious that our reaction to changes in weather seem to imitate the nature of the weather itself.

Snow, for example, provokes a frigid sort of response, a restrained and marveling awe that manifests itself physically in a gasp of icy cold air and a shiver down one’s spine.

Warm weather causes a much more gentle reaction, both mentally and physically. Rather than gasps, sighs escape our lips. Rather than restrained marvel, relaxed contentment fills our hearts.

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We Interrupt This Program for a Breach of the Fourth Wall

Sorry I haven’t really written anything lately, guys. I get all these ideas in my head when I’m somewhere I can’t write them down, and when I finally get to my computer, the muse is gone and the idea seems stupid.

So, yeah. Hopefully that changes at some point. I miss writing, but maybe God wants me doing other things right now. Who knows?